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N2 Software Services (N2) incorporated in 2011, is a diversified information technology service provider serving customers in the Banking, Automotive, Higher Education, Insurance and Medical industry. We dedicate our efforts to transform our customer's conceptual business ideas into a real working model using Technology. Our core assets are technology skills, creativity and initiatives of our employees to achieve extraordinary results for our customers. Our hardworking and motivated employees keep us standing out.

N2 has distinguished itself by providing exceptional technology solutions by helping businesses adapt to a constantly changing market place. Globalization is putting a tremendous pressure on pricing and need for radical innovation to lead the market, N2, with its worldwide presence, provides a highly innovative, low cost, alternative to traditional consulting firms. Our software development teams excel in cutting-edge technologies like Internet application development, E-Commerce solutions, Web 2.0, n-tier architecture and rapid application development environments.

  • Developing Enterprise Software Products

    Specializes in developing and marketing enterprise software products � particularly database management systems (http://www.oracle.com).

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  • Development and Deployment Of Cross Platform RIA'S

    Adobe Flex is a collection of technologies for the development and deployment of cross platform rich Internet applications.

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  • Enterprise Application Infrastructure Solutions

    Oracle has acquired BEA Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise application infrastructure solutions.

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  • Cast Iron Systems is The #1 SaaS Integration Company

    We provide the simplest and most widely used solution for integrating SaaS applications with the enterprise in days.

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